LLF Walkathon_26 May 2013

LLF has fixed our walkathon for this year on 26 May 2013!!!

We have started planning and preparing for the walkathon. We had about 1000 walkers last year and we hope to see more people this year. Please lend us your support and join us in our cause!!!

For those who have forgotten… Here’s some background information about our walkathon…


•To increase awareness of blood cancer and blood disorder in Singapore

•To increase awareness of Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation

•To raise funds for Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation

Tagline – Love, Life, Fun

•Walk for Love

–Support the people you love (friends or relatives of people with blood cancer or blood disorder)

–Celebrate the love of beneficiaries and their family members

–Give your love to people with blood cancer or blood disorder

•Walk for Life

–Money raised will contribute to LLF funds which in turn gives life to beneficiaries

–Celebrate life as participants are healthy / fit to join the walk

•Walk for Fun

–Positivity is VERY important, especially for beneficiaries

–ALL our beneficiaries are FUN people

More information about this year’s walkathon will be uploaded soon…. 🙂