New addition!!!!

As part of LLF’s support for our beneficiaries and/or their caregivers (limited to one per beneficiary), the Foundation is collaborating with Real Yoga to allow our beneficiaries and/or their caregivers to enjoy the benefits of Yoga taught by certified and highly experienced Yoga instructors, who have won many prestigious awards at national and international Yoga Championships, at a minimal cost of $10 per session*. At $10 per session, we will be allowed to choose the type of Yoga class we would like to attend at Real Yoga.

If interested, please contact Crystal @ 6397 2374 or Wendy @ 6397 2394. Alternatively, you can email to /, contact us on Facebook or drop us a message on our blog.

Applications will close on 30 April 2012, Monday.

*Note: Limited to classes on Monday – Friday only