This Support Programme is a service by Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation for our beneficiaries who are newly diagnosed or are suffering from a relapse of their medical condition. The support and friendship that the beneficiaries receive from their befrienders will help them to build resilience and strengthen their inner resources so that they are better equipped to withstand the negative emotions, fears or doubts which may arise during their treatment period prior to remission.

The Foundation wishes to make each relationship unique by matching these befrienders with the beneficiaries according to similar backgrounds and experience.

The Foundation seeks volunteers who may belong to diverse backgrounds, above 21 years of age, have a heart for our beneficiaries and enjoy befriending them. These volunteers are required to have a basic certification in counselling.

LLF will work hand-in-hand with the befrienders to provide training that will equip the befrienders with skills to build strong relationships with their beneficiaries. This in turn gives befrienders valuable learning opportunities for their own personal development. In the long run, this programme can be extended to non-beneficiaries.

Fear of Recurrence

Fear of cancer recurrence is the fear or worry that cancer could return or spread in the same place or any other part of the body. Fear of cancer recurrence affects most people after finishing cancer treatment. It is normal and understandable to be worried about your cancer coming back or progressing. The diagram below shows common features of fear of cancer recurrence.

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