Transplant costs can cost $100,000 and the cost of cancer care is particularly high for those who require expensive long-term care, including rehabilitation or long stays in a hospital. The financial impact can be devastating if they are not employed, do not have adequate health insurance or do not have savings or other financial resources. Chemotherapy can cost up to $3,000 per month. Specific drugs can cost from $2000 to $36,000

Please help us achieve to save the lives of patients who can benefit from treatment with a 90% chance of complete cure. The Foundation needs to raise 3 million dollars every year solely from the public to sustain its life-saving initiatives. The future of the patients depends on us and the altruistic benevolence that comes from the hearts of people like you. People who have a reason to lead a normal life and contribute to the society are in need of help that could cure them. Their only hope is your noble support. This fund-raising effort is not just about the money; it is about the people, the caring, the hope and the cure. We look forward to your generous support.