Beneficiaries’ Support Programme

Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation will be starting a Beneficiaries’ Support Programme.

Beneficiaries’ Support Programme is targeted at beneficiaries who are newly diagnosed or suffering from a relapse of their medical condition. The support and friendship that the beneficiaries receive from their befrienders will help them to build resilience so that they are better equipped to withstand the negative emotions and/or doubts which may arise during their treatment period prior to remission.

Each befriending relationship will be unique as befrienders will be specially matched with the beneficiaries according to their life experiences and/or backgrounds.

Befrienders will be from diverse backgrounds and they will be volunteers who are above 21 years of age, have a heart for our beneficiaries and enjoy befriending them. Befrienders  have a basic certification in counselling are preferred. Befrienders are required to make a minimum commitment of 6 months with a minimum of 2 meetings per month with each beneficiary attached to them. Within the same period of 6 months, each befriender can only take on a maximum of 2 beneficiaries. Befrienders are required to submit a monthly report to update LLF about the progress of their sessions with beneficiaries. Befrienders are required to inform LLF of the dates which they will meet the beneficiaries for the month by the beginning of each month. In the event of a change in date/s, befrienders are to inform LLF in advance.

LLF will work hand-in-hand with the befrienders to provide training that will equip the befrienders with skills to build strong befriending relationships with their beneficiaries. Prior to the start of a befriending relationship, all befrienders are required to attend a briefing cum training session. Support groups and on-going training during the befriending process will be provided to help befrienders have more meaningful sessions with their beneficiaries. This in turn gives befrienders valuable learning opportunities for their own personal development.

In the long run, this programme can be extended to non-beneficiaries.

For those who are interested to be a befriender, please feel free to contact Crystal @ 6397 2374 or










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