LLF Walkathon 2014

Upcoming on 1 June 2014, Sunday, Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation will be holding our annual charity walkathon, LLF Walkathon.

Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation had our first walkathon on 29 July 2012, Sunday, from Sentosa Boardwalk to Siloso Beach, Sentosa, with a total of about 850 participants over a distance of about 2.4 km. For our second charity walkathon on 26 May 2013 @ Singapore Zoo, we had a total of about 1 429 participants over a distance of about 2.6 km. For year 2014, we will be holding our charity walkathon at Sentosa with a target participation of about 2 200 over a distance of about 4.5 km.

The objectives of the walkathon were to increase awareness of blood cancer and blood disorders in Singapore, to increase awareness of Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation, and to raise funds for Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation. We named our charity walkathon as LLF Walkathon, not only to create a branding but there are deeper meanings behind the initials. We hope that people can walk for Love, Life and Fun.

To walk for love is to support the people you love (friends or relatives of people with blood cancer or blood disorder), to celebrate the love of beneficiaries and their family members, to give love to people with blood cancer or blood disorder by joining the walkathon. To walk for life is to celebrate life as not only our beneficiaries but also the participants are healthy / fit to join the walk, and also because the money raised will contribute to LLF funds which in turn gives life to our beneficiaries. To walk for fun is simply because positivity is very important, especially for our beneficiaries, and also because all our beneficiaries are fun people.

Registration for LLF Walkathon 2014 has started. Registration fee (incl. free goodie bag and Boardwalk admission to Sentosa) has been set at $18 per adult and $15 per child (4 –12 years old). Participants are entitled to win attractive lucky draw prizes and this year, we will be having a quiz during the walk. Thus, participants will stand to win attractive quiz prizes too. There will be performances and free refreshments at Sapphire Pavilion @ Siloso Beach at the end of the walk.

Registration period is from now till 4 May 2014. To register, please visit our microsite @ www.llfwalkathon.com. You can visit our FB page @ facebook.com/llf2003 for updates.

We seek your kind support to spread the words to your family, friends and colleagues to support us in our cause.

See you on 1 June 2014, Sunday, @ Sentosa!!!